The Harley Jae Trust has continued to find opportunities to help support children and families who experience long term stays in hospital.

Families who have long term stays on the paediatric critical care unit spend their time caring for their children who have severe health difficulties. This can be emotionally and physically draining for them especially when, in most cases, they do not know when they will be able to return home. Some children are born in hospital and do not leave before their first birthday.

Any additional help we can provide families during these times can have a huge impact. Just knowing that someone is thinking of them can often put a smile on their faces.

This year we have provided the support in the following ways:

Paediatric Critical Care Unit

During the reporting year, we donated £24,515.00 to the paediatric critical care unit. This money was primarily spent on important sensory equipment for the ward. Children who experience long term stays in hospital often have to stay in their beds.

  • Two bugaboo donkey pushchairs: These pushchairs allow parents to take their children out of the hospital even if it is just for a few hours to get them away from their bed. What is special about these pushchairs is that they have special compartments that enable the children’s mobile ventilators and saturation monitors to be transported with the child. Without this equipment some children would not be able to leave the hospital ward.
  • Magic Carpet: This important piece of equipment that cost over £7000, allows children to experience quality sensory input. The magic carpet is a machine that projects different environments on to a surface such as a floor. The children can then lay on the surface and the environment will interact with them. This creates experiences that children would never usually find in a hospital.
  • Fibre Optic Lights: These pieces of equipment allow children to receive sensory input from their beds through projecting light and colours that change the child’s environment.
  • Mirrors: These simple pieces of equipment allow the children to look at themselves! This is very important for children who rarely leave their hospital bed.
  • Portable DVD Players: These allow children who rarely leave their hospital bed to watch programmes and movies from their bed.
  • Other sensory equipment: Other equipment purchased included cushioned mats for children to spend time somewhere else other than their beds, wall stickers, curtains for the ward and small sensory hand toys.


Every Christmas the Harley Jae Trust make a series of visits to the Paediatric Critical Care Unit. In 2016, the charity spent £2974.86 over the Christmas period on the following:


For the first time The Harley Jae Trust provided a holiday for a family on the PCCU. We decided to provide this because the family had not had a break in over 5 years. The trip to The New Forest cost £3,749.20 for the family of 6 and the 4 carers that needed to go with them to help manage the child’s health needs.

Operating Cost

This years’ operating cost has increased from the previous accounting year however, they still remain significantly low. Our overall operating cost was £9,100.36 for the year. The charity is still being supported by external partners with office space, stationary, finance management and accounting and website management.

One of the aims for this year was to recruit a part time employee and establish the beginning our workforce. However, with the support of a business, Footsteps to Futures Ltd they have recruited our first worker for us saving us costs and in addition they manage the employee through their own payroll and provide ongoing supervision and support for the employee. This saves our charity thousands of pounds throughout the year which we are very grateful to receive.

One of our goals for the reporting year was to increase our following on social media and further our reach to the public in order to gain more supporters and followers. This included an investment of £3939.50 (annual spend) on marketing and advertising which primarily went on social media management and adverts.

Our annual charity ball cost £17,474.24 to hold which raised an incredible £53,067.30 on the night providing a net figure of £35,593.06 raised.

We also raised an additional £33,969.20 through private and corporate donations, public fundraising events and sponsors taking our complete fundraising amount to £87,036.55

Financial Summary

Donations Received £33,969.20 Fundraising Activity £17,474.24
Income from Fundraising £53,067.30 Promotional Merchandise £1,993.86
Website/Marketing £3,839.50
BALANCE £26,383.03
BROUGHT FORWARD (2015/2016) £17,327.69
FINAL BALANCE £43,710.72