After a successful first year of the charities establishment, we knew we had a challenge ahead of us if we were to even match the performance of 2015. By the start of 2016, we has established a large following, formed a fantastic relationship with Nottingham’s paediatric critical care unit, raised over £50,000 and provided vital specialist equipment to children that desperately needed it.

Our trustee board has had one change, with new trustee Kelly Greensmith, a deputy head teacher of a primary school join the team. As well as this, we formed a strong working relationship with several business’, one of which have provided support that has enabled us to take on our first paid worker, Danielle Walker who manages the day to day activities of the charity.

The charity has also sought the expertise of a marketing consultant who has helped us togrow our presence in several social media platforms and spread our message even further.

This year has been another successful one for the charity and this is down to the overwhelming support from members of the public and business supporters.

Once again, we have managed to operate and provide financial support to children and families in need without any additional funding streams. All of the support we have been able to provide has been achieved through private fundraising events held by the charity or our supporters inthe community. This I feel, is a remarkable achievement.

We remain committed to our goal of providing support to children and families who are unfortunate enough to be experiencing a life limiting condition as well as to the hospital staff based at Nottingham’s PCCU.

We would like to thank all of our amazing followers for their unbelievable support over the past year. Their generosity, enthusiasm and willingness to help us has been overwhelming and it is because of them that we now go into our third year with a strong foundation and the enthusiasm to continue to provide support the children that need it.

To all of our supporters, donors, sponsors and partners; we thank you all for your ongoing generosity and we look forward to another successful year together.

Joseph Rafter – Chairman
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